Our fee guide for your information

The cost of dental treatment shouldn’t stop you taking care of your teeth. We are dedicated to keeping our pricing transparent and fair, letting you know the expected costs for your treatment upfront. For more information, or to book a consultation, please get in touch.

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New Patient Exam (including X-rays)£60.00
Routine Exam£50.00
OPG (full mouth X-ray)£50.00
30 minute Hygiene£73.50
Stain Removal (from)£80.00
Fillings (from)£130.00
Crowns (from)£585.00
Invisalign (from)£3,000.00
Implants (from)£3,000.00
Teeth Whitening (from)£279.00
Root Canal Treatment (from)£395.00
Assessment for Extraction (if required)£75.00
Non Surgical Extraction£250.00
Surgical Extraction£360.00
Exposure of Impacted Teeth£600.00
Assessment for Intravenous Sedation (required for all cases)£90.00
Intravenous Sedation (from)£300.00
Facial Aesthetics ConsultationFree
Botox - 1 Area£165.00
Botox - 2 Areas£210.00
Botox - 3 Areas£259.00
Masseter Botox£259.00
Gummy Smile£195.00
Fillers - Lip Enhancement£250.00 (1ml)
Fillers - Cheek Enhancement£200.00 (per ml)
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