Bespoke protection for your teeth

Your teeth are important and need to be looked after. Wearing a mouthguard when you play contact sport helps to protect your teeth, cushioning them against damage that could result in chips, cracks or even tooth loss. At Ash Villa Dental, we can provide custom mouthguards, giving you peace of mind your teeth are being protected in the best way.

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Why have a custom mouthguard?

While you can buy ‘boil and bite’ mouthguards in sports shops without needing to visit the dentist, a custom mouthguard gives your teeth superior protection against accidents and damage while you are playing sport. It is made to your exact specifications, using incredibly precise digital impressions to give your mouthguard a snug and comfortable fit.

Custom mouthguards are stronger and more durable, meaning they can withstand higher forces and help avoid damage. They will not slip or move while you are playing sport and won’t hurt or irritate your gums. We have the skills and digital technology on hand to create the best mouthguard for your needs.

What is involved in having a custom mouthguard made?

As the name suggests, your custom mouthguard is made completely bespoke to you for the best fit and protection. We begin by taking digital scans of your teeth and gums, using our state-of-the-art technology for the most accurate result and no messy putty.

We ask you about the colour you would like your mouthguard to be so we can make it to your exact specifications. We can even customise your mouthguard to the colours of your sports team or club, making it an integral part of your kit!

When your custom mouthguard is ready, we make sure it is a snug and comfortable fit and show you how to insert and remove it correctly. We also give you some tips on how to look after your mouthguard.

Frequently asked questions
How do I look after my mouthguard?

Keeping your mouthguard clean between uses will prolong its lifespan. Make sure you wash it with cold water after every use, occasionally using cool soapy water to keep it free from bacteria. Avoid cleaning your mouthguard with warm or hot water as this could cause it to soften and lose structure.

Where should I keep my mouthguard?

It is important to keep your mouthguard safe and clean between uses. You should keep it in a hard case or container, protecting it from accidental damage.

What happens if my mouthguard breaks?

If your mouthguard breaks, please contact us. We will take a look at the damage, and can create a new mouthguard for you if necessary, at an additional cost. In some cases, we will be able to use the digital impressions we already have, saving you a trip to the practice.

Why should I visit the dentist for a custom mouthguard?

Your dentist is best placed to look after your teeth and gums, and this includes helping you keep them protected and free from damage. They also have access to advanced digital technology to create the closest fitting mouthguard possible.