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Denplan at Ash VillaPlease find below our private fee per item price guide. These fees are correct at 1 January 2020.

We are also delighted to offer our Denplan Essentials Dental Plan and Denplan Childrens and Student Plan; these are affordable monthly payment plans which contribute to your overall dental care. Please call if you require further information.


Description Option Private

Denplan Essentials

(Includes 15% discount off non specialist Treatment)

Plans For Children/Students
Examination   £45

Included (2 each year)

Included (2 each Year)

X-Rays Small £14.00 Included Included
  Digital OPG £55 Included Included
Emergency and Review Appointments   £50 Included Included

Hygiene Treatment

20 minutes

£44 Up to 4 a year included 2, 10 minute visits each year included

Hygiene Treatment

30 Minutes

£66 Additional Fee Additional Fee
Fillings                                                                                     Fissure Sealants From £20 From £17 Included
  Composite From £86.5 From £73.52 Included
  Glass Ionomer From £40 From £34 Included
Root Fillings                                     Molars From £520 From £520 From £520
  Premolars From £325 From £325 From £325
  Anteriors From £195 From £195 From £195
Posts                                               Fibre/Relyx from £150 From £127.50 From £127.50
  Core build up £100 From £85 From £85
Crowns (per tooth) Full Form Zirconia (cad cam) £400 £340 £340
                                            Bonded Jacket Crown £480 £408 £408
  Emax £600 £510 £510
  Gold £600-£650 £510 -£552.50 £510-£552.50
Veneers (per tooth) Porcelain £650 15%discount Lab Fee (unless cosmetic)
  Emax £600 £480 £510
Re-cement Re-cement £90 £72  Included
Implant Crowns *** Per Unit £1450 £1450 £1450
Implant Bridges ***                          Per Unit From £1450 From £1450 From £1450
Extractions Per Tooth From £125 From £106.25 50% discount
Bridges                                          Per Unit (fixed) From £500 From £425 Consultation required
  Marylands From £380 From £323 Consultation required
Inlays & Onlays                                         Porcelain From £397 From £337.45 Consultation required
  Composite From £400 From £320 Consultation required
Dentures   Price on consultation Price on Consultation Consultation required
Composite Bonding/Veneers Per Unit From £150 From £150 From £150

Normally £310 (see Events & Offers)

Normally £310 (see Events & Offers)

Not Applicable until 18 years old

***Dental Implant costs do not include Rahim Kanjis surgical fees. A quote will be given following a consultation.

All of the Denplan Plans we offer at Ash Villa give you Denplans Supplementary Insurance. This Insurances covers you for worldwide emergency treatment and accidental cover.


Introducing our new

Dental Plan For Children -ONLY  £5.66 each month for 3-17 year olds and £9.53 for students.

We are delighted to introduce our new children's plan. This is to enhance the wonderful service we currently offer here at the practice. As with all our other plans, Plans for Children also includes worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover (supplementary insurance.

Denplan Childrens Cover


  • Up to two visits per year with our hygienist.
  • Fissure sealants with the Dental Therapist
  • Fluoride application with the Dental Therapist
  • White (tooth coloured) Fillings
  • Air Abrasion (drill free dentistry)
  • Mouth Guards at a discounted price
  • Worldwide trauma cover

The Childrens plan does NOT include tooth extractions or root canal treatment.

Please ask  Emily Lester or One of our reception team for more information or if you would like this cover for your child/children.


We follow the DEPPA oral risk health assessment to help our patients, for more information download this flyer - Click Here.


Denplan Benefit Testimonial

"Having paid Denplan for my family for many years in these time of economic struggle where every penny counts, I at times thought of cancelling the policy in the hope that nothing too serious occurs with the families dental hygiene and it would be a saving each month - well thank goodness I didn’t.

DEC 11- Whilst at work I opened the door to my office which was caught by a gust of wind forcing the door to bounce straight back into my face off the filing cabinet, I was dazed and didn’t realize the extent of my injuries until I was sat up straight by my workmate with a towel pressed against my cut lip and I could feel a gap with my tongue where 20 mins earlier my front tooth used to reside -oh dear I was in so much pain as I later discovered that all roots etc were exposed .I immediately telephoned the surgery and within 2 hours I was sat in the chair having the damage repaired ,3 hours on from the accident I left the surgery having had extensive root treatment and impressions taken for a replacement crown . I returned the next day to have the temporary crown fitted and had further impressions and xrays. Four days later I returned to the dentist to have my sparkling new crown fitted, the rhyme all I want for Christmas is me 2 front teeth was certainly true in my case and this was accomplished thanks to Denplan. The total cost was £811 but thanks to me continuing my Denplan payment all I paid was £35 what a christmas present that was.

I can only speak through my experience but I couldn’t recommend Denplan enough."

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  • "Dear Andy I just wanted to drop you a note to say a very big thank you for the way in which you have looked after me these past few months. Your whole approach is fantastic and makes coming to the “the dentist” a pleasure. It means a lot to me and I wanted you and your team to know that you are very much appreciated."

  • "Everyone made me feel comfortable and had no problems with any of the treatments I had today. Very friendly staff, CAN’T WAIT TILL NEXT TIME "


  • "So pleased with my composite filling, very natural looking, fitting in with the rest of my teeth, many thanks Andy."


  • "Lovely warm welcome even after 25 years."


  • "ALWAYS A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE! On behalf of all my family and myself thank you for many years of pleasant dentistry."


  • "I am so scared of having work done on my teeth, but Andy really relaxed me, told me what was happening every step of the way. Thank you so much"

  • "I was absolutely terrified of having any work done on my teeth but Andy’s personality and conversation was totally distracting! This is the nicest dental practice I have ever attended. Lovely staff and friendly, efficient service. When my little girl needs dental treatment I will definitely bring her here."

    S. A.

  • "I recently had what I thought was a major problem with a wisdom tooth that, to be perfectly honest, terrified me however, the friendly and sympathetic approach of your reception team and the resulting consultation really set my mind at ease. The problem was totally resolved within minutes and, more importantly, without any pain whatsoever. Truly a great pleasure."

    A VERY Satisfied and Happy Patient

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